Game of Thrones Season 4 + Costume Porn

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GoT meme | Anything [4/8] → Seasons of My Love”

I loved a maid as fair as summer with sunlight in her hair.
I loved a maid as red as autumn with sunset in her hair.
I loved a maid as white as winter with moonglow in her hair.

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Tyrion appreciation week » Day 1: favourite season → season 4

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I MET KITT HARRINGTON IN LONDON asdfghjkl he was so nice and I was just too excited

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"A tear rolled down her cheek. The woman raised her hood again and turned her back on him. Jaime called after her, but already she was moving away, her skirt whispering lullabies as it brushed across the floor. Don’t leave me, he wanted to call, but of course she’d left them long ago.”

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AU in which ned stark didnt go to cersei but immediately to stannis they join their forces and march against the lannisters, everyone is still alive and stannis gets the throne just like he is supposed to

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Stone and snow, that was all that was left of Winterfell. Just like she and Jon.

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Margaery’s kindness had been unfailing, and her presence changed everything.

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“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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But the wolves will come again…

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